Jakobstad for Children

What Do Children Like?

To swim, build sand castles, have water fights, ride a slide, take care of animals and explore nature, have fun and play games. But mostly they like to spend quality time with their parents.

On this page you will find family friendly attractions and activities in Jakobstad.

Rosenlund Area

Aspegren Gardens and Rosenlund’s Rectory
Trädgårdsgatan 6A–C, tel. +358 6 724 3101

Rosenlund’s Rectory and the Aspegren gardens offer great opportunities for children to satisfy their natural curiosity.

You are welcome to explore the Rosenlund estate throughout the year. During the winter children can go skiing and play in the snow and in summer Rosenlund is a great place for a picnic! During the summer there are also sheep, hens, rabbits, and other animals at the area. Children can also play with traditional toys and games that are free to use.

Rosenlund is an excellent destination for the whole family!

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Indoor Playground

Järnvägsgatan 23, tel. +358 44 350 0050

Maxifun offers fun and exiting entertainment for children of all ages. The big indoor playground features slides, a climbing wall, ball pools, bouncing castles, tunnels, a trampoline park, a party room, and much more. There is also a café.

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Horse Riding

The Fäbodavägen Stable
Fäbodavägen 132, tel. +358 40 734 9561

Riding school Fäbodavägen Stable organises horse riding lessons for beginners and more advanced riders. Moreover, you can participate in trail rides, riding camps, and weekend camps. There is also a free pony club for the youngest of the family.

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Bubblans ponnystall
Fäbodavägen 132, tel. +358 40 0729562

Bubblans ponnystall stables offers pony rides at various events, riding lessons on ponies and horses, as well as day camps etc.

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Nanoq Adventure – Childrens’ Adventure

Nanoq Adventure is a small adventure that includes polar bear bingo and a quiz/ mystery. The adventure is especially aimed at children, but takes into account different age groups and contains something for everyone. Even adults can find the adventure entertaining. Nanoq Adventure is offered in the summer and included in the Nanoq’s entrance fee.

Nanoq – The first Arctic museum in Europa – displays the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as surrounding areas and is a tribute to the cultures of the last Arctic peoples. At Nanoq you can get acquainted with Arctic peoples, cultures and customs, and hear exciting stories from famous expeditions to the North and South Pole. The museum area is situated in the middle of the forest and consists of different cottages that have been built over the years. Each cottage has their own story to tell.

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Just along the coastline in Fäboda, approximately 10 km from Jakobstad, lies a series of rocky and sandy beaches. There are three public beaches in the Fäboda area: the beach at Fäboda café, Storsand and Lillsand. All beaches in Fäboda are shallow and child-friendly but also adults can go swimming after wading further out a little. In the area there is a restaurant Fäboda kaffestuga.

In Fäboda there are many types of hiking trails of varying length and purpose. You can ramble along short and well-marked nature trail or take an up to 33 km long hike. The peaceful forests are also perfect for cross-country skiing, mountain biking and berry-picking. There are huts, picnic and barbecue areas along the trails. There is also an accessible nature trail with an observation tower in Fäboda.

Nature trail for kids in Fäboda

There you can get to know some of the small and big animals of the forest and experience the sea, the cliffs, the sand and the forest. The children’s trail winds 200 meters through the beach forest. In the trail you can spot seven different info spots about animals and nature around you. On the beach there is a 15 meter long obstacle course for children to test out their balace.

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The Old Harbour

Gamla hamn (The Old Harbour) and Kittholmen are situated about a kilometre from the town centre. The harbour of Jakobstad was located here until the mid-19th century, with a thriving industry around the important maritime trade. Today the old harbour area is primarily a popular recreational area with a beach, beautiful forest, small boat marina, and with history present in the red painted traditional boat houses.

Both children and adults enjoy Snellman Park, the playground and fitness park by the beach. You can also find The Shipyard Jakobstad, an outdoor gym, jogging tracks, a restaurant, a café, a guest harbour and a camping ground in the area.

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Other Public Beaches

In Jakobstad there are other beautiful, child-friendly shallow public beaches outside the town centre.

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Other Activities (further information currently only in Swedish/Finnish)


Ice skating rinks

Skate Park