Gnista Glamping

Gnista Glamping


Welcome to Gnista Glamping!

Luxury Camping in Fäboda! Unwind in Ostrobothnia, by Fäboda’s golden sandy beaches and sun-kissed cliffs. At Gnista Glamping you have a unique opportunity to experience Fäboda as if it were your very own place on earth.

Sometimes you need to get away a little to find a way back to yourself. Here, surrounded by the sunlit pine forest and the sound of the sea, you can feel the tranquillity embracing you like an old friend. Here you can relax, rediscover your rested state and your inner spark.

Glamping is a new word that combines the words camping and glamour. It is a popular form of recreation that combines the best of camping (the nature experiences, simplicity and sense of freedom) with convenience and sophistication.