Miettinen Cottage

Miettinen Cottage


The Miettinen cottage, located by the smooth rocks of Fäboda, is the perfect remote spot for groups that want to hang out amid the beautiful nature. You can throw something on the grill, go for a swim or play some volleyball. During the winter you can go skiing on the ice. In this place where time seems to stand still, there’s always a good reason to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Why not finish off a hike along one of Fäboda’s hiking trails with a stay at the cosy cottage by the beach?

Whatever you decide upon doing, a day at Miettinen cottage is suitable for all ages and many different occasions.

The cabin is equipped with a long dinner table for a party of up to 16 people, and an open fireplace, among other things. There’s also a gas fireplace that you can use to heat the cabin. Visitors are required to bring their own gas and firewood if they want to heat up the cottage or throw something on the grill. The electricity from the solar panels on the cabin roof can power the lights, the coffee maker and the projector, but not, for example, a heater or other appliances that require a lot of power.

Outside the cabin, there’s also the possibility of building a fire at the nearby firepit. You can brew coffee inside the cottage using the coffee machine powered by solar panels. Remember to bring water, coffee filters and anything else you might need for your planned experience.

There’s also a simple incinerating toilet inside the cottage, but no running water. There are no beds in the cottage, and you can’t book it for overnight stays.